Moving to Greece – Healthcare

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Greece introduced its national health service to the country in 1983. While it is possible to qualify for free or subsided health treatment, it’s highly advisable to take out private cover.

The economic turmoil has had a dramatic effect on government spending. It slashed the money spent on the health system. This has created a severe problem of underfunding with insufficient doctors or resources, creating a crisis in the system.

Although the […]

Moving to Bulgaria – Healthcare

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Healthcare provisions in Bulgaria depend very much on whether you are living in an urban or rural area. Those living in the city benefit from modern, clean and well-equipped hospitals and have a plentiful supply of highly-skilled doctors and nurses. Bulgaria spends around 4.2% of GDP on its health service and produces 1.8 doctors per 1,000 residents, a ratio which is better than in many other European countries.

However, the picture […]

Moving to Czech Republic – Healthcare

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Czechia has an outstanding health service which has been lauded as one of the best in Europe. These high standards coupled with the low cost has made the country very popular with medical tourists.

Czechia nationals and those working for a Czechia employer automatically qualify for state healthcare. Funding comes from contributions by both employees and employers. There are a number of approved insurance funds, all of which broadly provide the […]

Moving to Cyprus – Healthcare

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The healthcare system in Cyprus has both private and state provisions, but the standard overall is good. Many of the doctors typically train overseas, and it’s common for them to speak at least a basic level of English. As a general rule of thumb, standards are better in the south of Cyprus than in the north.

The state healthcare is a complicated affair, and it’s divided up into three groups: those […]

Moving to Croatia – Healthcare

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The general standard of healthcare in Croatia is pretty good, but it suffers from underfunding and over-demand. Therefore although there is a state healthcare system, many residents opt to take out additional private cover.

Individuals living and working in Croatia will contribute to the national healthcare via deductions from their wages. Employers will make further contributions directly from the payroll. Self-employed individuals must pay the whole sum themselves.

However, due to the […]

Moving to Denmark – Healthcare

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The healthcare system is dominated by the public sector with democratically elected assemblies at all levels.


The state is responsible for the legal framework for health and coordinates the delivery of services. Hospitals belong to the regions, and they also operate them. You’re moving to an excellent healthcare service. Standards are some of the highest in Europe, although there are private health hospitals if required. Moving to Denmark will not compromise […]

Moving to Finland – Healthcare

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Get ready for a patient and time-consuming wait to see medical professionals. As a resident, you’ll require a European Health Insurance Card to access treatment, and you’ll need to visit the local health centre where you could spend hours making an appointment. Making an appointment over the telephone is impossible. Therefore it is wise to subscribe to private healthcare where a relatively simple online booking or phone call will access […]

Moving to Switzerland – Healthcare

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The healthcare system in Switzerland is very different from what you’ll find elsewhere in Europe.

There is no public, state-funded system and no liability for an employer to contribute to a healthcare scheme. Instead, the responsibility lies solely with the individual to obtain healthcare coverage. In general, you must arrange this within three months of arrival.

Every provider on the list must accept anyone who applies, regardless of any existing condition. Therefore […]

Moving to Germany – Healthcare

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Germany’s public healthcare system dates all the way back to the 19th century, and if you think “Hey, that sounds kind of old”, you’d be right – it’s actually the oldest system of its kind in Europe. Since the 1880s healthcare has changed and evolved with the times, and in its modern incarnation (the Gesetzliche Krankenversicherun, or GKV) isn’t that different from its contemporaries in the rest of Europe. If […]