A sunny island in the middle of the ocean, Cyprus offers a sunshine lifestyle whether you’re relocating for a new job or retiring. Removals to Cyprus can take some organising though, primarily due to its location. Therefore, you’ll need to get planning way ahead of your move.

Moving overseas is a big decision, and the list of tasks can seem overwhelming. This guide will take you through the essential information you need and prepare you for the adventure that lies ahead.

If you’re moving to Cyprus, the help of an expert team of professional European movers will prove a big asset. Transport for goods typically takes between 3 and 9 weeks, depending on how much is being shipped, the weather and the Customs process.

As part of the EU, it’s relatively easy to bring your belongings to Cyprus. Just make sure that you don’t attempt to import any prohibited goods. These include firearms, drugs, plants, food, offensive material and anything inflammable. You can find a full list of restricted and prohibited items online.

Whether you choose our Load & Go or our EasyMoves solution, European Moving can help you with your removal. We shall be able to provide advice on a whole range of removal issues you may not have encountered before.

Moving to Cyprus – Visa

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Moving to Cyprus is somewhat trickier than other countries because of the occupancy of the Turks in the north. This area is not recognised by any other nations. Visa and customs permit only apply to visitors who arrive via a route from the south. Anyone attempting to arrive through the north could find themselves classed as an illegal immigrant and face expulsion, even if they hold the correct documentation.

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