Removals to Finland are a bit particular, as it is a very different country from other parts of Europe. With its own culture and harsh weather conditions, it’s essential to prepare for every element of your new life after moving to Finland.

Learning as much as you can about the country before you leave is a good idea too and will prepare you for what lies ahead. This guide to removals to Finland will help to make your move easier and to ensure that you’ve ticked off all the essentials.

If you are moving to Finland, you will need the assistance of an experienced International or European removals firm to make the switch smooth and seamless.

Removals to Finland are subject to customs restrictions depending on where you’re moving from; European moving rules are much more lenient than when you’re relocating from further afield.

As EU members, individuals moving to Finland from other EU countries can transport their goods without any complicated regulations to negotiate. This exemption makes it much less hassle to organise your move. You will, however, need an inventory of what you are taking. Speak to your European moving company.

There are a few restrictions on items as well as the usual prohibited items. You can only import dry food into Finland. In addition, the quantities must be reasonable for personal consumption. You must also list any alcohol you import to Finland in full. It will incur import duty even if you’re travelling from the EU.

Finland moving restrictions from outside the EU are more extensive, as is the case with other countries in Europe. Experienced international moving companies will be familiar with the requirements and will be able to provide useful advice on the matter.

Due to Finland’s remote location, anyone moving to Finland has the option of using either road, air or sea freight. Whether you choose our Load & Go or our EasyMoves solution, European Moving can help you with your removal. We shall be able to provide advice on a whole range of removal issues you may not have encountered before.

Moving to Finland – Transport

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If you are thinking about commuting with your car, you’ll need to be very confident that you can handle the severe conditions. Driving in the winter months means navigating ice and snow, and every car must have winter tyres to be on the road legally.

Valid licences issued in European countries are valid in Finland for the period of their validity.
While driving in Finland you are required by law to carry […]

Moving to Finland – Healthcare

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Get ready for a patient and time-consuming wait to see medical professionals. As a resident, you’ll require a European Health Insurance Card to access treatment, and you’ll need to visit the local health centre where you could spend hours making an appointment. Making an appointment over the telephone is impossible. Therefore it is wise to subscribe to private healthcare where a relatively simple online booking or phone call will access […]

Moving to Finland – Taxation

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How does finance and tax in Finland apply to you? While you may have given thought to where you will live and work it is equally important to consider your finances.

Have you been considering a move to Finland? Perhaps it has progressed beyond that, and you are now actually ready to move.

While deciding where to live and where to work will be at the top of your list of […]