Removals to Germany are becoming quite popular. A country which is clean, safe and with a diverse community, moving to Germany can offer many benefits. However, relocating to any country requires research and preparation and Germany is no exception. Even if you are planning on moving to Germany from elsewhere in the EU, there will be lots of differences in the culture, plus practical matters to organize too.

Once you’ve decided to move, it’s never too soon to start preparing. This means not just booking flights and international removals, but also learning more about where you’re going to be living. Here’s a brief overview of moving to Germany and the essential facts you should know.

Once you have decided where you are moving to when you are relocating, and have sorted your accommodation etc. you will need to employ the services of a reliable International moving company who can offer the necessary storage and removal services making moving to Germany as straightforward as possible.

For international removals from outside Europe, air freight is a popular option if you’re in a hurry. Your items will arrive quickly and will go through processing without delay. Shipping is an alternative to road transport but travelling by sea is a slower choice although usually cheaper. The speed at which you’re likely to need your items and your budget will, therefore, determine the route you pick.

European removals are much more likely to travel by road. European Moving can help you with your removal to Germany. We shall also provide advice on a whole range of moving issues you may not have considered before.

Moving to Germany – Visa

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Currently, it is easy for EU residents moving to Germany; With the decision to leave the EU we are yet to discover how this will affect Brits looking to make a move to any country within Europe. Once you arrive, you will need to inform the authorities immediately of your presence. If you leave it, you could face trouble later down the line.

It is possible for non-EU residents to move […]

Moving to Germany – Transport

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If you want to fit in with the locals, getting a bike would be a good start. Bike lanes are everywhere, and the infrastructure is designed around them. There are also numerous bike-sharing schemes which are more for residents than for tourists.

In Germany, public transport is regional, so tickets for the S-Bahn (train) are also valid for a streetcar or bus. You don’t have to live in a big […]

Moving to Germany – Pets & School

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If you’re moving to Germany, you will probably take your pet with you. The good news is that it’s possible, but you will have to do a bit of preparation in advance. If you’re coming from the EU, you’ll need a Pet Passport. International pet owners will be subject to similar requirements; cats and dogs will need to be vaccinated and tested for rabies.

Germany also has strict rules about what […]

Moving to Germany – Healthcare

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Germany’s public healthcare system dates all the way back to the 19th century, and if you think “Hey, that sounds kind of old”, you’d be right – it’s actually the oldest system of its kind in Europe. Since the 1880s healthcare has changed and evolved with the times, and in its modern incarnation (the Gesetzliche Krankenversicherun, or GKV) isn’t that different from its contemporaries in the rest of Europe. If […]

Moving to Germany – Taxation

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As one of the most orderly countries in the world Germany has over 30 taxes! But what exactly do you need to know about finance and tax in Germany?

If you are considering making it your new home what exactly should you know about finance and tax in Germany?

What taxes do the authorities impose and how will this affect you as a new entrant to the country?

Finding out the information before […]