If you’re thinking about moving to Athens or one of the islands, removals to Greece will be high on your priority list. An experienced removals company can make any move much more straightforward and provide expert advice on what you need to do.

Moving overseas takes a lot of organisation; there’s a long list of factors to consider from finding somewhere to live, to learning the language. This guide provides an overview of the essential info you will need.

Greece is a very accessible place and a route that is well-travelled by European moving companies. They can provide some useful experience in helping you to prepare for the transition to your new country.

Although the primary road network in Greece is well looked after, some of the roads outside the cities are narrow and winding. Using a reliable international transport company will, therefore, ensure that all your belongings get there in one piece.

Whether you choose our Load & Go or our EasyMoves solution, European Moving can help you with your removal. We shall be able to provide advice on a whole range of removal issues you may not have encountered before.

Moving to Greece – Visa

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As part of the EU, it is straightforward for EU nationals to move to Greece; Regardless of the intended duration of stay, they do not need a visa. The only documentation they need to present on entry is either their passport or their identity card.

The same rules for EU members also apply to nationals from Lichtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. Unlike in some other EU states, visitors from other countries […]

Moving to Greece – Transport

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Driving is a favourite way to get around in Greece, but you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the regulations that apply. Road users drive on the right-hand side, and failure to follow the correct road procedures can result in hefty fines or even prison.

There are parts of Greece where you cannot drive a diesel-powered vehicle. On the other hand, petrol stations outside Athens may be scarce and close early.

You should […]

Moving to Greece – Healthcare

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Greece introduced its national health service to the country in 1983. While it is possible to qualify for free or subsided health treatment, it’s highly advisable to take out private cover.

The economic turmoil has had a dramatic effect on government spending. It slashed the money spent on the health system. This has created a severe problem of underfunding with insufficient doctors or resources, creating a crisis in the system.

Although the […]