Removals to Latvia immediately brings in mind the romance of heading to the Baltics for a new life. Latvia has beautiful scenery and picturesque towns, and with many natural features that you’ll want to visit time and again. The culture of Latvia may be very different from your home nation; Therefore, it will help to do some research before you set off. Getting ready for a new life overseas is exciting and overwhelming in equal measures, and having experts on hand can be a huge relief. This guide covers the essentials of moving to Latvia with all the info you’ll need to get started.

Latvia is a small nation that was previously part of the Soviet Union, gaining its independence in 1991. Once dependent on “mother Russia”, Latvia no longer has many ties with it and instead has forged a union with the rest of Europe.

Latvia joined the EU in 2004, and a decade later in 2014 it formally adopted the Euro as its currency.

Unlike many of the countries in the Baltic region, Latvia is a relatively flat nation which overlooks the Baltic Sea. It has warm, mild and sometimes showery summers, and freezing winters with snowfall commencing from November onwards.

The diverse history of Latvia makes it a fascinating place to live; Towns have a unique charm and a vibrant culture which is visible in the architecture and the surroundings.

Moving to Latvia – Visa

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Latvia is part of the EU and the Schengen area. It allows borderless travel to individuals who can travel within it, either due to their nationality or because they hold a Schengen visa.

EU citizens do not require a visa to enter Latvia or work within it, and they are free to stay as long as they choose. If, however, they opt to stay for longer than three months they will […]

Moving to Latvia – Transport

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If you’re keen to have your independence, it’s possible to drive in Latvia. Be advised though that conditions may be somewhat different to what you’re used to. The roads can vary from smooth asphalt to cobbles or even unpaved surfaces. Outside cities the latter is the most common so you will need to adjust your driving accordingly.

If you choose to drive, you will need to familiarise yourself with local laws. […]

Moving to Latvia – Healthcare

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Latvia has a state healthcare system. Although primarily funded via taxation, it falls way short of the standards that many might expect. Lack of access to new medicines and long waiting lists contribute to its ranking as one of the poorest healthcare facilities within Europe.

Therefore, although you may receive free healthcare by contributing via your salary, it’s highly advisable not to rely on the state. Visitors coming to Latvia should […]