Removals to Romania transform more and more people’s lives. The appeal for this beautiful country, its high literacy rate and a very low cost of living is strong for entrepreneurs and people in search of a different lifestyle alike. However, no matter how much you may have enjoyed a holiday overseas, living in a different country is an entirely new experience. This guide runs through some of the important information you’ll need to get ready for moving to Romania.

Situated on the west coast of the Black Sea, Romania shares borders with Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova and Serbia. The Romanian Leu remains the currency as the country has not adopted the Euro.

One of the new tiger economies, there are many opportunities in Romania and this together with the chance to experience a new culture is a big draw for many workers, especially from around the EU.

The climate has marked seasons, experiencing hot summers and freezing winters. This brings in tourists seeking the sun in the summer months and skiers in the western mountains looking to take advantage of the snow.

Moving to Romania – Visa

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Romania is a member of the EU but has not yet joined the Schengen Zone. Therefore, free travel between Romania and other nations without border control is not yet in place.

EU nationals can enter Romania freely without the need to have a visa. Furthermore, they may stay for as long as they want. If they are planning on remaining in the country for longer than 90 days they will need […]

Moving to Romania – Transport

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It is possible to drive in Romania but the experience is likely to be very different than what you may have experienced back home. The quality of the roads can vary widely, and many are not well maintained and have heavy potholes. Horses and carts are not an unusual occurrence; Also, you will have to be vigilant for animals on the road too.

In the winter months, driving is particularly hazardous […]

Moving to Romania – Healthcare

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You can access the free healthcare system in Romania is you are an EU citizen holding an EHIC card. However, the standards are generally poor and corruption is rife so it’s not recommended.

Bucharest hospitals are reasonably well equipped but in smaller towns, there may be a shortage of vital supplies. You can usually obtain Medication but don’t expect the brands that you know as Romania favours generic drug.

It’s not advisable […]