We do more and more removals to Switzerland. Is it because of its more relaxed lifestyle, its clean, fresh air? It’s difficult to pinpoint why moving to Switzerland could be right for you. An alpine nation which offers a high quality of life, Switzerland is a unique country with much to see and do. If you are planning on working in Switzerland, you’ll find many thriving industries and an abundance of jobs. For your leisure time, you’ll be spoilt for choice with dramatic peaks and glorious scenery wherever you turn. To make moving to Switzerland a success, you’ll need to do your research first. Here are some of the critical facts that will help you get started!

As Switzerland isn’t part of the EU, it can be more difficult to get everything organised for Customs clearance. You will need to make sure you have the proper permits for entry and that you’ve completed the proper paperwork for personal effects.

Like many countries, there are certain items which it is inadvisable to try and import. Most of these are fairly standard such as ammunition and firearms, plant materials, drugs, food (of any type), alcohol, tobacco and offensive material.

Your removals company will be able to provide you with more specialised advice and help about how to organise your effects for moving to Switzerland.

Whether you choose our Load and Go or our EasyMoves solution, European Moving can help you with your moving to Switzerland. We shall also provide advice on a whole range of moving issues you may not have considered before.

Moving to Switzerland – Visa

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Switzerland has a very robust attitude towards immigration, and any non-Swiss wishing to work in the country will need some kind of permit or visa.

EU citizens with a permanent work contract won’t need to apply for a visa, but will still need to obtain a work permit. They can apply for it after arrival and will typically take 2-4 weeks.

Any other nationals wishing to work in Switzerland will require a […]

Moving to Switzerland – Transport

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Like many other things about this affluent country, public transport is exemplary in Switzerland. Modern, clean and reliable, it is the preferred way to get around. However, it’s not cheap so buying a pass rather than paying each time is advisable. You may want to check the different passes on offer.


Trams, buses and trains cover the whole country. Wherever you go, public transport will provide excellent access which is why […]

Moving to Switzerland – Healthcare

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The healthcare system in Switzerland is very different from what you’ll find elsewhere in Europe.

There is no public, state-funded system and no liability for an employer to contribute to a healthcare scheme. Instead, the responsibility lies solely with the individual to obtain healthcare coverage. In general, you must arrange this within three months of arrival.

Every provider on the list must accept anyone who applies, regardless of any existing condition. Therefore […]

Moving to Switzerland – Taxation

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Before relocating it is important to research the finance and tax in Switzerland. For example what taxes are levied where and how much should you be paying?

If you are moving to Switzerland, then your primary concern is probably finding work and working out where to live.

Your decision to move will involve lots of practicalities and legalities, and you will need to carry out research.

One area that you need to pay […]

Making an international move to Switzerland

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Clearing Swiss Customs

Unlike its neighbours, Switzerland is not a member of the EU.

It does not have open borders with it neighbours, and so there is not in place freedom of movement across its borders of goods and people from the EU.

This makes the migration of people from the UK to live and work in Switzerland a lot less easy than it is to move to live and work in the […]

State-funded healthcare for expats – Switzerland

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Nothing in Switzerland is cheap.

Healthcare is no exception.

In this article, we’ll discuss Healthcare for Expats in Switzerland.

The Swiss healthcare system is of a very high standard, if not the among the highest, according to the Euro Health Consumer Index Survey (2015).

Health is provided for all, i.e. it is universal, but is insurance based.

Compulsory Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare for Expats in Switzerland may be expensive however Expats must, within three months of arriving […]