Removals to the UK are a daily affair, and cross-Channel ferries and Eurotunnel see a substantial traffic. The UK is a favorite place to move to, with its rich history, robust economy and political stability attracting visitors from all over the world. However, even if you currently live in another English-speaking nation, it is essential to do your research before moving to the UK. Also referred to as Great Britain, the UK is a top location in the world for short-term and long-term immigrants, but there are loads to organize before you make your move.

Removals to the UK are easy thanks to excellent accessibility. Despite the inconvenience of the Channel, European moving firms typically still carry freight via road. They use either ferry or the Channel Tunnel as it offers the best combination of efficiency and value for money. International removals have the option of either air or shipping. The latter is cheaper but takes much longer so you’ll need to plan well ahead if you’re hoping to use this route.

Whether you choose our Load and Go or our EasyMoves solution, European Moving can help you with moving to the UK. We shall also provide advice on a whole range of moving issues you may not have considered before.

Moving to the UK – Pets

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Britain is renowned for being a nation of pet lovers. Being an island though, it used to have a systematic quarantine procedure to prevent diseases like rabies from spreading. There is now a Pet Travel Scheme which means that animals from specific countries are welcomed, providing they are micro-chipped, have a pet passport and the relevant vaccinations. Moving to the UK with pets who don’t meet the […]

Moving to the UK – Where to live

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Like many countries, the UK offers a diverse landscape, and it’s possible to enjoy very different lifestyles depending on where you settle.

Moving to the UK - London

London is the most expensive place to live in the UK. It offers the fast-paced thrill of modern city life, with all its amenities close at hand. There are many other large cities such as Manchester, Cardiff and Edinburgh which […]

Moving to the UK – Transport

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If moving to the UK, you will find an extensive but not always well-maintained road network. You will have easy access to even the more remote areas by car. However, cities are congested, and, in some cases, additional tolls apply. Also, driving in the UK means driving on the left-hand side of the road.

As an alternative, there is a comprehensive public transport system that operates both cross-country and within cities. […]

Moving to the UK – Visa

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To check the visa requirements, you will need to provide information about where you are moving from and the purpose of your visit. If you’re an EU or EEA national, you won’t need a visa to work or live in the UK. This facility applies for an unlimited time with no requirement to register or apply for a permit. This situation will change after Brexit and the transition period […]

Moving to the UK – Work in the UK as an Expat

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The UK is the third largest economy in Europe and fifth largest in the world. It is a preferred destination for job seekers from around the globe who are seeking better living standards and opportunities.

You may have already been offered a job from a local employer. If you haven’t, you may want to learn more about what to do and how to start once you’re there.

Here are some useful tips […]

Moving to the UK – Healthcare

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If you are planning a move to the UK, then there are many things that you will need to consider. One important factor is the availability of healthcare in the UK.

If you are embarking on a move to the UK for work or family reasons, or even for a change of lifestyle, then there are lots of things to research.

In addition to the priorities of finding a job and […]

Moving to the UK – Taxation

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The UK is a popular choice for people looking to start a new life abroad. What do you need to know about finance and tax in the UK before you make the move?

The UK has long been a popular choice for those looking to emigrate to start a new life. With much to offer it is no surprise that it’s a firm favourite with people all over the world.

One of […]

State-funded healthcare for expats – UK

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Making an international move to the UK?

State-funded healthcare for expats – UK

It is hard to beat the UK’s National Health Service.

Known simply as the NHS it is perceived internationally as one of the best and most enviable healthcare services in the world.

Expats arriving, living, working and even just on holiday in the UK can get emergency treatment at NHS hospitals completely free at the point of delivery.

It is only when […]