Moving to Cyprus – Healthcare

The healthcare system in Cyprus has both private and state provisions, but the standard overall is good. Many of the doctors typically train overseas, and it’s common for them to speak at least a basic level of English. As a general rule of thumb, standards are better in the south of Cyprus than in the north.

The state healthcare is a complicated affair, and it’s divided up into three groups: those who can receive treatment for free, those who pay a low cost and others who pay the full price.

Cypriots and EU nationals are eligible for the first two categories, but their income and number of personal dependants will determine whether they receive treatment free or at a low cost.

Visitors from outside the EU will not qualify for state healthcare and must, therefore, take out private healthcare. Residents who don’t qualify for the free healthcare often also take out a separate cover to top up the treatment they are eligible to receive.

Compulsory contributions from workers, set at a rate of 6.3%, with additional contributions from the employer, fund the healthcare system. Around 83% of people living in Cyprus will qualify for free or low-cost treatment.

The number to call for emergency services in Cyprus is 199. Alternatively, you can call 112 which is the universal emergency services number for all European countries.

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