Moving to Finland – Transport

If you are thinking about commuting with your car, you’ll need to be very confident that you can handle the severe conditions. Driving in the winter months means navigating ice and snow, and every car must have winter tyres to be on the road legally.

Valid licences issued in European countries are valid in Finland for the period of their validity.
While driving in Finland you are required by law to carry the following items. You may receive a hefty, on-the-spot fine for failing to carry specific items:

  • Headlamp beam deflectors: depending on your car, you will either need deflector stickers or have to adjust the beam manually
  • Lights: all motor vehicles must use their headlights in and outside built-up areas at all times, throughout the year
  • Warning triangle: compulsory in all vehicles (except motorcycles).
  • Reflective jackets: in Finland, the legislation concerns pedestrians, who must wear safety reflectors in the hours of darkness (any type of reflector is accepted). Thus, a car driver who steps out of their car in the event of a breakdown becomes a pedestrian, therefore, they must wear a reflector

Many people choose public transport in Finland; the system is clean and well organised and runs on schedule. Buses are the most common way to get around for short journeys. They offer discounts to children travelling.

Finland also has a comprehensive train system, and you can buy tickets either online or at the station.

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